The Bosifest / Festival jury / 2017 /

Radoslav Zelenović jury member of BOSIFEST 2017

Radoslav Zelenovic, a former editor of the film program of RTS and the director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, was born on 20 January 1948 in Kosovska Mitrovica.

During his studies, he was a member of an amateur film club Belgrade Youth Center, for which he directed several films. His professional career started in 1971, as editor of the film program of the Belgrade Youth Center, where he remained until 1979, when he was appointed editor of the editorial board of Television Belgrade film. There he remained until 1992. For the director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque was elected the same year.

He actively participated in the establishment of film events such as FEST, Short Film Festival, the Film Festival in Sopot, Film Script Festival in Vrnjacka Banja. He is the founder and director of the European Film Festival in Palic. He was the founder and chief editor of YU VIDEO from 1982, which dealt with the problems of video and digitalization. He is the author of many programs that have helped the promotion and popularization of our film at home and abroad. He was a professor of film history at the Faculty of Arts "Braca Karic". He is member of the Serbian Commission of UNESCO. In 2012 he was elected member of the European Film Academy.

For outstanding achievements in the field of film art, the President of the Republic, awarded him the Sretenjski orden of third degree. For many years of work and lasting contribution to the development of the city of Belgrade, and for the recognizable success of the Yugoslav Cinematheque and the reputation of this institution in the world, Radoslav won Award of the City of Belgrade in 2012. The French Republic in 2014 decided to award him Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, in recognition of the great dedication and action in favor of cultural and artistic relations, particularly in the areas of film, between France and Serbia.

Anica Dobra jury member of BOSIFEST 2017

Jury member of BOSIFEST 2017 is our celebrated actress Anica Dobra. She was born on 03.06.1963. in Belgrade. From 1977 to 1981 she lived in Germany, in Frankfurt, starring in numerous German films. Then she returned to Belgrade, where she enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. During her studies, she worked with many great professionals such as Dragan Mrkić, Arijana Ćulina, Predrag Bajčetić and others. She graduated in 1987. Anica debuted in the film '' Pera Panker '' in 1985, which was only the beginning of her great career. After two years, she received the award at a film festival in Pula for the film “Deja vu”. That she is the real acting star was confirmed the role in the film '' Balkan Express '', and then she performed even in Atelier 212. She made more than 80 films at home and abroad.

She has received several awards and recognitions - Sterija Award for acting in 1991, the Awards “Carica Teodora”(twice) at the Film Festival in Niš, Awards “Zoranov brk” and “Zlatni ćuran” at the Days of Comedy in Jagodina in 1992, the first international prize film festival in Vichy, Bavarian film-best young actress, the most prestigious German acting awards “Golden Camera”, Award of the city of Belgrade 2008, Award for best actress of SOFEST, the Awards of AFUN ... Some of her most famous Serbian movies are: Trap, Black Bomber, Tito and I, Balkan express, Enclave and many others.

Predrag Gaga Antonijević jury member of BOSIFEST 2017

Predrag Antonijevic Gaga is our famous director. He was born in Nis, in 1959. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade - Department of Film and TV Director.

After many short documentary and television films, in 1984. he debuted on the big screen with the "O pokojniku sve najlepše", he was also a screenwriter, and in the same year won the award from UNICEF, at the Venice Film Festival. In 1989, he participated as an associate director in the realization of the tv series "Balkan Express" and the film "Balkan Express 2". In 1991, he directed film "Mala", from a screenplay by Radoslav Pavlovic, with whom he has won many awards. That same year he moved to the United States.

In 1998. he directed film "Savior" which also achieved successes and awards. In the 2000s in America, he directed the film titles: Hard Cash, Little Murder, Breaking at the Edge, which brings together the giants of American cinema (Val Kilmer, Ben Kingsley, Andie MacDowell).

In Serbia, during 2016, he participated as a director of TV crime series "Ubice moga oca", that is after the first episode captured the hearts of audiences.

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