The Bosifest / Awards / 2014 /

The fifth Bosifest was held from the the 2nd to the 4th June 2014 at the Youth Center Belgrade.

Before we announce THREE OFFICIAL AWARDS FOR BOSIFEST 2014 -we would like to point attention to three films that we assigned AWARDS (SPECIAL MENTIONS):

To an extraordinary Indian cinema, of the author Shweta Ghosh, ACCSEX, who in a great way and with greatconfidence builds a story about notions of beauty, ideal body, sexuality ...

Domestic, Serbian film whose author is DjurdjijaRadivojević,FACA, for courage and emotional character who after the tragedy he lived  strives even more towards fulfilling  desires, happiness, flying.

And to an Israeli film Do you believe in Love, directed by Dan Wasserman.

The official AWARD FOR BEST SCREENPLAY goes to the Canadian film Just as I remember by Andrew Moir, for two parallel stories of the same disease shown extraordinarily - the first of  its current dying hero, the father of three young children, and second story, their personal, about his childhood during his father's illness.
SONOR German film, directed by Peter Levin - for a modern, impeccably photographed, filmed and directed tone film.

and the French film HAPPINESS ... PROMISED LAND directed by Laurent Hasse, due to the wonderful film means that shows main character's desire, a fulfilled one,  to walk pass the whole France, from the Pyrenees to the sea in the north of Normandy.

Finally, AWARDS GRAND PRIX 5. BOSIFEST for the best film of the Festival is awarded to an outstanding Danish film director HelleWindeløv-Lidzelius - Balcony tales. In perfect film language, the author paints a sensuous look of a blind resident of Havana, from its terrace tohis afflicted city and locals. It’s a very good quality and mature documentary film image of Havana from a bird's perspective - almost equal to Venders approach to melancholy but also with optimism and atmosphere of this city and these people. 

President, Milos Paramentic
Sandra Perovic
Lena Bogdanovic

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