The Bosifest / Awards / 2011 /



The Council of the film festival BOSIFEST 2011 with the jury members: 
Boban Skerlić, Darijan Mihajlović and Milan Lučić 
on 05.06.2011. assigned the following prizes:

GRAND PRIX of the festival for the movie "Last Flight" directed by Yves Langlois, Canada

Claude Messier was the creator and person with disabilities, advocating for the legal use of marijuana for legitimate purposes. This film is a portrait of a man who used to live extensively, extending the boundaries when most of us would give up in his place.


 "Rainman goes to Rockwiz," was awarded with the Crystal plaque for the best directing, by Russell Kilbey, 

The story of Mark Boerbachu who has a visual impairment and Asperger's syndrome, who wants to show his talent in rock and roll quiz "Rockwiz", which is broadcasted on Saturday night in prime time dates on TV.



Crystal Plaque for best screenplay was assigned to the film "Two Perspectives", directed by Samir Hidanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

In the first part of the film several artists talk about art, society and prejudices, life and disability. The second part of the film follows the artistic performance in which artists without disabilities are trying to put themselves in the position of people with disabilities, doing normal daily activities.



AUDIENCE AWARD was given to the film "Savage" by Alexander and Boris Klepa from Slovenia.

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