July 27 2021

Director: Jim McMorrow
Country: Ireland
Duration: 17:00

Based on a true story. Stephen, a young man with Down’s Syndrome wishes to break free from his caring but over-protective mother and celebrate his 18th birthday in the way that he chooses.


13TH BOSIFEST - Belgrade International Film Festival of people with disabilities came to a close with the awards ceremony at the Yugoslav Film Archive.

October 21 2022

The Grand Prix of the 13th Bosifest was awarded to directors Sachi Cunningham and Chandler Evans Vayabobo (USA) for the film "CRUTCH".

The official selection of films for the BOSIFEST 2017

June 10 2017

Competitive program:

  1. 50 X Rio
    Director: Francesco Mansuti
    Country: Italy
    Duration: 36:14
  1. 88MhZ
    Director: Yana Titova
    Country: Bulgaria
    Duration: 39:00
  1. Altrove
    Directors: Cesare Cicardini, Mauro Melgrati
    Country: Italy
    Duration: 18:00


  1. Daniel
    Director: Anastazja Dabrowska
    Country: Poland
    Trajanje: 24:00
  1. In another world
    Director: Anna Bedynska
    Country: Netherlands
    Duration: 26:00
  1. Lêve-toi et marché
    Director: Matthieu Firmin
    Country: France
    Duration: 83:00


  1. Listen to the silence
    Director: Mariam Chachia
    Country: Georgia
    Duration: 80:00
  1. Normal autistic film
    Director: Miroslav Janek
    Country: Czech Republic
    Duration: 82:00
  1. They went dancing
    Director: Maryam Makhieva
    Country: Russia
    Duration: 19:43


  1. Two worlds
    Director: Maciej Adamek
    Country: Poljska
    Duration: 52:00




Non competitive program:

  1. Andre The Anti-Giant
    Director: Kim Saltarski
    Country: Canada
    Duration: 16:46
  1. Champion and Ballet Dancer
    Director: Ekaterina Timoshenko
    Country: Russia
    Duration: 26:00
  1. I’m Jeeja
    Director: Swati Chakraborty
    Country: India
    Duration: 26:00


  1. If i could choose
    Director: Mirijana Isakov, Žarko Sebić, Željko Mandić
    Country: Serbia
    Duration: 8:30
  1. The kangaroo komplex
    Director: Sarah Moon Howe
    Country: Belgium
    Duration: 57:45
  1. My hero brother
    Director: Yonatan Nir, Enosh Cassel
    Country: Israel
    Duration: 78:22


  1. Sanctuary
    Director: Len Collin
    Country: United Kingdom
    Duration: 86:00
  1. Toloo
    Director: Ebrahim Nematijan
    Country: Iran
    Duration: 17:42




The Kangaroo Complex

June 03 2017

Sarah Moon Howe was born in 1972. Was a professional dancer before started filmmaking in 2003. Her filmography includes Don’t Tell My Mother (2003), In Case of Loss of Pressure (2009) The Kangaroo’s Complex (2014) is her third film.


June 04 2017

Len Collin was born in London and lives in Ireland with dual citizenship. He trained as a professional actor at Arts Educational Drama School London and he is also a production and Direction MA graduate of the Huston Film School, Galway, Ireland. Len started writing for the theater in the early nineties.

Listen to the Silence

June 04 2017

Mariam graduated from Georgian State University Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film - Drama faculty in 2003 with honors where she studied Theatre Directing and Acting. Since then Mariam has led a distinguished career in film and television production where she has worked as an award winning scriptwriter, art director, assistant director, director and producer.

My hero brother

June 04 2017

Award winning documentary filmmaker Yonatan Nir started his storytelling career as a photojournalist. His photo essays, from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, and South Africa, have been featured extensively in Israeli and international newspapers and magazines.


June 04 2017

Cesare Cicardini is a director and photographer based in Milan. Five. He graduated from the film school in Milan in 1997. He has collaborated with magazines of the most important media groups as well as major record labels and publishers. His works have been exhibited in various national and international art galleries. He has directed various documentaries, short films and TV commercials.

I’m Jeeja

June 04 2017

Swati Chakravarty did her Masters in Economics from Jadavpur University and then trained in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She heads the Department of Information Communication Technology at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and has won the international ABLENET. Award for developing low-cost indigenous technology for AAC. She has worked as a script writer and assistant director for several films commissioned by MHRD, FD, PRI, etc.

88 Mhz

June 04 2017

Yana Titova was born on February 26, 1983 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At the age of 14, while studying piano and singing in the prestigious Musical School in Plovdiv, she was at cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Since then, acting has become her life. In 2007, Yana received her degree in acting from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia.

Arise and walk

June 05 2017

Matthieu Firmin starts as a journaliste at AFP (Agence France Press) at the middle east / African desk after a master’s degree in history at La Sorbonne University.


June 05 2017

Anastazja Dabrowska, born on 1990 in Warsaw. Since 2012 she is a student of Directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Previously studied Environmental protection at UKSW.

Normal Autistic Film

June 05 2017

Miroslav Janek born in 1954 in Nachod in the Czech Republic. He started making photographs from the age of ten and short films from the age of fifteen a great number of which were awarded prizes at numerous amateur film festivals. He emigrated to Germany in 1979, and then to USA in 1980 where, during the eighties and nineties worked as an editor and cameraman.

Two worlds

June 06 2017

Maciej Adamek is director and scriptwriter. Recognized documentary director. Graduated from the Polish philology at University in Gdańsk and directing at the Łódź Film School. His films was screened at few hundred film festivals where received about 50 awards (at San Fransico FF, Palm Springs FF, Silverdocs in Washington, Shanghai FF, Munich, Toronto, Moscow , Montreal FF etc.)

Pomo Video Bosifest 2017

June 09 2017

Bosifest 2017, from 10 to 12 October, at the Sava Center. Welcome!

The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest is officially opened.

October 10 2017

The eighth Bosifest was officially opened last night at the Belgrade Sava Center’s "Amphitheatre". Director of the Festival, Darko Ivić, assistant to the Minister of Culture and Information Ivana Dedić, acting assistant to the Minister of Labor, Empoyment, Veteran and Social Policy - Sector for protection of people with disabilities - Biljana Barošević, representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development Gordana Cvetković and a member of the City Council of Belgrade Dragomir Petronijević addressed a numerous and mostly young audience.

Andre The Anti-Giant

June 02 2017

Kim Saltarski gripping documentaries for NGOs Children International & Plan Canada shot in Benin, Colombia, Peru, Zambia, The Philippines and Ecuador have touched the hearts of millions across North America. His bevy of broadcasters include: Nickelodeon, CTV, CBC, The Comedy Network, YTV, Disney Channel, Global, Discovery Channel, BBC Kids, Cartoon Network, and The Family Channel.

Numerous guests at the opening of the 8th Bosifest in the Sava Center

October 11 2017

The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest, held from October 10 to 12 in Sava Center, attrackted numerous guests from Serbia and abroad.

"Normal Autistic Film" and "My hero brother" thrilled the audience on the first day of the 8th Bosifest

October 11 2017

Czech documentary "Normal Autistic Film" by Miroslav Janek and the Israeli film "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel, opened on Tuesday the eighth Belgrade International Film festival for and by people with disability - Bosifes. The "Amphitheatre" hall of Sava Center was packed during the screenings of both films and there was not an indifferent person in sight.

With the award ceremony, the eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – Bosifest came to an end.

October 13 2017

The Grand Prix of the 8th Bosifest went to the French documentary film, entitled "Arise and Walk" by Matthieu Firmin, the award for the best director went to "Daniel" by Anastazja Dabrowska (Poland) and for the best-case scenario to "Listen to the Silence" by Mariam Chachia (Georgia). Special recognitions were given to films "In another world" by Anna Bedynska (Poland), "Two worlds" by Maciej Adamek (Poland) and "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel (Israel).

Guests of the BOSIFEST are delighted with the festival and Belgrade

October 23 2017

The authors of the films that were guests of the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities -BOSIFEST say that they bare beautiful memories from the festival and from Belgrade.

Conference “Start a change” at the Eight BOSIFEST is finished

October 23 2017

Conference "Start a change" at the eighth international film festival of people with disabilities - BOSIFEST, attracted a large number of experts, but also students and young people. On the last day of the conference, they spoke about the application and importance of the media in inclusive education, but also about culture, tolerance and diversity.

Matthieu Firmin: I am proud of Gran prix, BOSIFEST is a serious festival

October 23 2017

Grand prix at the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities won Matthieu Firmin for the film "Arise and Walk". The French author in the film talks about his struggle against the paraplegia that he suddenly received after a stroke.

Volunteers like the silent heroes of the BOSIFEST

October 23 2017

Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities - BOSIFEST was held for the eighth consecutive year. This film festival probably would not exist without the main engineer Darko Ivic, many institutions that supported him for years, as well as sponsors who helped him. However, a large number of volunteers who performed daily "behind the scenes" performed a number of most diverse tasks, in accordance with the standards of the biggest film festivals.

Anica Dobra: As long as there is a BOSIFEST, there is hope for this country

October 24 2017

Famous Serbian actress Anica Dobra in a interview for the website of BOSIFEST explains that she was honored to be part of the eighth Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities.

The award winning director, Goran Radovanović, selector of the 9th Bosifest

May 08 2018

After a successful cooperation and an excellent selection of films last year, once again we will have Goran Radovanović as the selector for the upcoming 9th Bosifest, that will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

9th Bosifest’s Jury: Goran Marković, Dragan Petrović Pele and Jovana Stojiljković

May 11 2018

With great pride and extreme professional pleasure, we present to you our jury of the 9th Bosifest (10-12 October 2018, Sava Center), consisting of: our well-known director, writer and professor Goran Marković, famous actor and professor Dragan Petrović Pele and a talented young actress Jovana Stojiljković.

Selector Goran Radovanović selected films for the 9th Bosifest

May 20 2018

Prominent director and selector of our Festival, Goran Radovanovic, has just selected 15 film productions that will be presented within the Competitive and Non-competitive program of the upcoming 9th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest. The Festival will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

With the award ceremony, the ninth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – Bosifest came to an end

October 13 2018

Ninth Bosifest, was held in the Sava Center from 10 to 12 October 2018 under the slogan "RAMPA!", Shows 15 relevant documentaries on various topics related to persons with disabilities, according to the selection of Goran Radovanovic, our famous director .

Biljana Tutorov is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

May 09 2019

Biljana Tutorov graduated in Archeology and History of Art at the Catholic University of Luwen (Belgium). In Paris, she studied an anthropological film at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes and acted on Ecole Internationale de Théatre Jacque Lecoq.

50 x Rio

June 02 2017

Francesco Mansutti lives and works in Padua. He has been director, filming and editing since 1995. As a director he has produced numerous docu-films, short films and commercials.
Among his last works are: The Games of Others (2009); Rosso70 (2009), Luce/Light (2011). He is co-directed of numerous docu-films with Vinicio Stefanello. He is Art-Director of a major advertising agency.

Friend of the Festival Constantine the Great

June 01 2017

Tell us more about Hotel Constantine the Great?

Hotel Constantine the Great opened in November 2014 and has 56 rooms. There is an elegant restaurant Edict with international and domestic cuisine, a very good selection of wine, a conference hall with capacity of up to 85 people with modern technology and own catering, and parking with guard, ramp and video surveillance and solves the big problem of parking in the city center for all our Guests and visitors.

Vuk Ršumović is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

May 09 2019

Scenarist and director, born in 1975. in Belgrade.

Graduated in dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He wrote a screenplay for 16 award winning short feature films and animated films. Written and screenwriter for documentary films Dread and horror, Closing word and Valter; and television documentary series Football, football and some more ...

Jury of Bosifest 2016

May 18 2016

Jury of Bosifest 2016 are:

  • Srdan Dragojevic,
  • Ivan Karl,
  • Nebojsa Bradic and
  • Vladan Vukosavljevic.

BOSIFEST in Obrenovac city

September 13 2013

Thanks to the colaboration of the Hendi Center „Koloseum“ and Obrenovac Youth Office, with support from the Belgrade Youth Office on 13th of September in Cultural Center Obrenovac were shown films  fromBosifest 2013. The audiance had a chance to watch animation film „Macropolis“, very unusualc ombination of animation and photography. The audience as well enjoyed in the documentary film „A.K.A. Doc Pomus“, awarded for the best direction on Bosifest 2013. The story is about life of the greatest rock n roll writer.

BOSIFEST in Mladenovac city

September 16 2013

Thanks to the colaboration of the Hendi Center „Koloseum“ and the  Movement of Urban Culture „Mladež“, with support of the Belgrade Youth Office on 16th of September in the lobby of Center for Culture Mladenovac were being shown films from this years  Bosifest. In Mladenovac was shown film „Lucy“, which talks about a girl who suffers from autism, and which was being shown on Canes Film Festival. 

BOSIFEST in Lazarevac city

October 03 2013

Thanks to the colaboration of the Bosifest organization, Hendi Center „Koloseum“, Union of Youth in Lazarevac and Eco center Lazarevac, with support of the Belgrade Youth Office on 3th of October 2013 in the city library Dimitrije Tucović in Lazarevac, films from BOSIFEST 2013 were being shown. The audience had a chance to watch animation film „Macropolis“. Main characters of this film are two toys with disabilities, who are running from the factory, and they find their selves lost and alone in the urban world, full of huge people.

BOSIFEST In Spanish cultural center

October 03 2013

Within the International Day Of PersonsWith Disabilities, that is being held all over the world on 3th of December, in the Spanish Cultural Center was shown the film „Chromosome 5“. The film is a winner of Grand Prix BOSIFEST 2013, and projection of the film was being organized in colaboration with Hendi Center „Koloseum“ and Spanish Cultural Center.


June 06 2015

The jury is pleased to note that  selection of the Sixth  BOSIFEST  is a collection of excellent films. With the quality they possess, all of this films, without false sentimentality talk about the exciting and moving stories, introducing  viewers with the heroes of everyday life, and the most important- remind us that the difference between  so-called. healthy people and people with disabilities essentially did not exist.

Interview with Marina Mash, participant of Bosifest 2015 with her film “Spartan logic”

April 03 2016

What are your impressions of the last year festival?

A very good choice of films and variety. There are various film genres, and themes as well, and that is why there were a few films that stood out and left a very strong impression on me. Even now some scenes from the film seem as if they are in front of me. The only disadvantage was one organizational moment when the films were screening: the Serbian translation was blocking the English translation and for that reason numerous films were, unfortunately, unavailable for me. 

Volunteers 2016

April 04 2016

Volunteers are, as in previous years, an indispensable part of BOSIFEST's. This year we have volunteers from different faculties, they are involved in the organization from the very beginning and daily contribute their effort and commitment to the successful implementation of the festival.
The aim of engaging volunteers is to get young people informed about the rights, status and needs of people with disabilities and to work on creating empathy, improving communication, acceptance of diversity and breaking down prejudices about people with disabilities.

Interview with Evgeny Golynkin, winner of Bosifest 2015

April 05 2016

What are your`s impressions from last year`s festival where you get the grand prix? How did you like Belgrade?

The  festival itself is one of the strongest impression. Not only the films that were shown but the fact that the festival like this exists. For me, Darko will always be the person with strong personality, dignified behavior and a very wise attitude towards life.

Interview with Kineret Hay-Gillor, winner for best director for film “How much love” on Bosifest 2015

April 13 2016

It's been almost a year since your visit to Belgrade. What impression you brought with you from here?

I found Belgrade amazing. I'm not sure if this impression was because of the city itself or because of the remarkable experience that I've had there during the festival... I found it to be a modern city but also soaked with history and legacy. The people were so nice to me and the food was so great!

Official selection: Non-competition program of Bosifest 2016

April 28 2016

Official selection: Competition program of Bosifest 2016

April 28 2016

A word from Jelena Gavrilovic, the selector of Bosifest 2016

April 28 2016

This year, 250 films arrived, which necessarily increased selection criteria and unfortunately not all the quality films could be selected. In the end, for the competition part the most powerful documentary movies were selected , and for the non-competition part: feature, animated and educational films. For both programs we searched for the following: that is relevant to the local audience, that is skillfully directed, that it depicts a film and not television work, and that it gives a new viewpoint on a topic.

A word from Darko Ivic, the Director of Bosifest 2016

May 19 2016

BOSIFEST is an international film festival for and by people with disabilities, the only one of that kind in Southeast Europe, taking place in Serbia for the seventh time. A great number of films will be screened this year too – in the competitive as well as the non-competitive part.

Until now, within BOSIFEST, 300 films dealing with the theme of the people with disabilities or the authors of the films are people with disabilities have been screened. 

Friend of the Festival Hotel IN

May 31 2017

Tell us more about IN hotel?

IN hotel opened the door for the first time in 2006. It is located in the business center of New Belgrade. It has 187 modern rooms, arranged on seven floors. The IN hotel is itself a great advantage in the business part of New Belgrade, across the road from Kombank Arena and Sava Centar, and right next to the highway which takes 12 minutes to Nikola Tesla airport, it provides guests with easy and efficient communication during the their stay in Belgrade.


June 04 2016

The seventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities, BOSIFEST was held from 1st to 3rd June this year. Besides the films shown at the Belgrade Youth Centre, the additional program consisted of workshops, panel discussions and round tables. From 250 submitted films, 34 films were chosen for the three day repertoire. 


June 06 2016

The members of the jury of Bosifest 2016: Ivan Karl, Nebojša Bradić and Vladan Vukosavljević made the decision to award the following films:


The jury of Bosifest joins a great number of festivals in the country and in the rest of the world. By awarding Dejan Petrović for best screenplay, it confirms his choice and approach to the subject, expresses gratitude for the movie Restart which he filmed and the patience he imprinted in that process.

The award was received by the author Dejan Petrović.

BOSIFEST 2016 AWARD FOR THE BEST DIRECTOR- film RETINA (author: Darko Dragicevic)

The jury of Bosifest is pleased to announce that the award for best director goes to Darko Dragicevic for the original directorial procedure that’s been shown in the film Retina, in which he combines different expressive elements to create visually extraordinary, imaginary world.

The award was received by the producer Austin Stack.

BOSIFEST 2016 GRAND PRIX for the best film- GABOR (author: Sebastian Alfie)

Jury of Bosifest unanimously decided to declare Gabor as the best film with the most comprehensive work, a story about dedication and commitment to filmmaking that goes beyond the greatest barrier in this profession.

The award was received by Ana Nadal, the member of the film crew.

BOSIFEST 2016 SPECIAL MENTION - film KANTHARI: change from within (author: Marijn Poels)

The jury of Bosifest gives a special mention to film KANTHARI: change from within, that reflects courage in order to find answers to some crucial questions that involve not only people with disabilities, but also the restless world we live in.

The special mention was received by the producer Tomasz Kozakiewicz.

Eighth BOSIFEST from 10 to 12 October at the "Sava Centar"

May 17 2017

City Council member Dragomir Petronijevic addressed at the presentation BOSIFEST Film Festival in the City Hall and on this occasion said that the City of Belgrade will continue to bring down the barriers that are obstacles and difficulties in the lives of people with disabilities.

Petronijevic said that in Belgrade there are still barriers that interfere with persons with disabilities, but that during the last three years done a lot in terms of improving the quality of life of these people.

BOSIFEST representatives in Veliko Gradiste

May 26 2017

High school in Veliko Gradiste was visited by BOSIFEST representatives and their partners from The Belgrade College of Tourism on Friday, 26th of May. The lecture about people with disabilities and their problems in the society was held in front of the huge number of high schools students and their professors, as also the presentation of the upcoming International Film Festival For People With Disabilities, BOSIFEST 2017.

Promotion Bosifest on the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad

May 27 2017

On Tuesday, May 30, representatives BOSIFEST, along with partners from the College of Tourism in Belgrade, visited the Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management. Its students are presented with problems that disabled people have in their daily activities, with special emphasis on the problems faced by the tourism sector.

Bosifest Promoting in Smederevo

May 28 2017

People with disabilities have needs like everyone else, but their satisfaction is difficult, especially when society does not recognize this problem and does not start actively solving it, this is the unique attitude of the audience after the presentation of Bosifest in the premises of the Economic- Trade School in Smederevo.

Promotion of Bosifest in Sabac

May 29 2017

The Belgian film "You have a handicap" and the lecture on Disabled Persons (PWD) marked the promotion of Bosifest, held at the beginning of June in front of Sabac high school students. In the hall of the School of Economics – Trade School in Sabac (ETS), a large number of students gathered to learn more about the problems of people with disabilities, as well as about the film festival that deals with this topic.

Predrag Antonijevic Gaga - Jury member of Bosifest 2017

May 29 2017

Predrag Antonijevic Gaga is our famous director. He was born in Nis, in 1959. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade - Department of Film and TV Director.

Anica Dobra - Jury member of BOSIFEST 2017

May 29 2017

Jury member of BOSIFEST 2017 is our celebrated actress Anica Dobra. She was born on 03.06.1963. in Belgrade. From 1977 to 1981 she lived in Germany, in Frankfurt, starring in numerous German films. Then she returned to Belgrade, where she enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. During her studies, she worked with many great professionals such as Dragan Mrkić, Arijana Ćulina, Predrag Bajčetić and others. She graduated in 1987. Anica debuted in the film '' Pera Panker '' in 1985, which was only the beginning of her great career. After two years, she received the award at a film festival in Pula for the film “Deja vu”. That she is the real acting star was confirmed the role in the film '' Balkan Express '', and then she performed even in Atelier 212. She made more than 80 films at home and abroad.

Radoslav Zelenovic - Jury member of Bosifest 2017

May 29 2017

Radoslav Zelenovic, a former editor of the film program of RTS and the director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, was born on 20 January 1948 in Kosovska Mitrovica.

During his studies, he was a member of an amateur film club Belgrade Youth Center, for which he directed several films. His professional career started in 1971, as editor of the film program of the Belgrade Youth Center, where he remained until 1979, when he was appointed editor of the editorial board of Television Belgrade film. There he remained until 1992. For the director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque was elected the same year.

Goran Radovanovic - Selector of Bosifest 2017

May 29 2017

This year’s selector is our famous director Goran Radovanović. He is born in Belgrade in 1957. Graduated art history from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. Between 1977 and 1980 he sojourned in Munich on a scholarship awarded by the Goethe Institute. After his return to Belgrade, he has worked as writer and director of both feature and documentary films.

Volunteers 2017

May 30 2017

Bosifest requires serious organization with a large number of activities. Preparing the festival provides an opportunity to show their talents, and to return for a unique experience that will later be of great help and use in professional career. As in previous years, also this year a large number of volunteers contributed their hard work and dedication to the successful realization of the festival.

Friend of the Festival Garni Hotel Evropa

May 31 2017

Tell us more about the Garni Hotel Evropa?

The Garni Hotel Evropa is located in the very center of the city, at the beginning of the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street. The hotel is a unique blend of different styles of European culture, elegance and luxury, with modern technical achievements. In its structure, the hotel has luxuriously equipped suites, premium, superior and standard rooms, SPA center and breakfast room.

Nataša Ninkovic is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

May 09 2019

She was born in 1972. in Trebinje (father Branko and mother Milena) where she completed her primary and secondary medical school. After finishing secondary school she went to Belgrade, where in 1994. she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of professor Vladimir Jevtović. During her studies, she had small roles movies The Best and Three Tickets to Hollywood. After that she acted in several films, TV shows and theater performances.

Igor M. Toholj is this year's selector of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

May 09 2019

Igor M. Toholj was born in 1968. in Belgrade. He is editor of the film program DKSG. He is the author of twenty experimental and documentary films, which were screened and rewarded at festivals in the country and abroad.

He began his film career as a member of several of the most important cinema clubs of the former SFRJ-Cinema Club of the Youth Center of the City of Belgrade and the Academy Film Center since 1984.


July 11 2022

Please take a look at the selection of films for Bosifest 2022

Invisible Lines

July 27 2021

Director: Mehdi Rakhshani
Country: Iran
Duration: 49:03

In a village in Iran, a boy is born with severe physical disabilities. His parents, believing him to be stillborn, plan to bury him. Suddenly the boy begins moving with his arms and legs and returns to life.

Against the Stream

October 15 2020

Director: Grigory Kurdyaev
Country: Russia
Runtime: 57:30

A few weeks from the life of a young Paralympic Andrei Filippov (19 years old), a master of sports in swimming of the blind. Having met with Andrei in his small homeland, we will go along with him a short but important way – from home training in Volgograd to playing in Moscow at the Russian Cup.

Peter Plan

October 15 2020

Director: Jean Castejon
Country: Spain
Runtime: 73:13

Several years have passed since Peter decided to go and live in Plan, an isolated village in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Far away from the advantages a city offers a blind person, he survives through his art, rock music.

The 11th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest is officially opened

October 20 2020

Last night, at the Yugoslav Film Archive, the 11th BOSIFEST was officially opened.

The audience was addressed by the Festival’s Director - Darko Ivić, Marjan Vujović – manager of the Archive’s Museum and Festival’s Selector – Igor Toholj.

With the award ceremony, the 11th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – BOSIFEST, was officially closed

October 22 2020

The 11th BOSIFEST’s Grand Prix went to the Czech film "Two roads", directed by Radovan Sibrt.

In this year's selection of films, this achievement stands out not only for its quality but also for its emotions and optimism in the story of the Tap Tap band, whose members overcome their disability with music, pointing out that it is always possible to find true meaning in life.

SONJA (BLAGOJEVIĆ) ĐEKIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 21 2021

Born in 1980 in Belgrade, where she still lives today. She graduated from the VI Belgrade Gymnasium, during which she also attended the Kvadrat School of Film Directing, and then studied film and TV directing at the Faculty of dramatic arts.

IVAN IKIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 21 2021

Ivan Ikić is the director of the award-winning films Oasis (2020) and Barbarians (2014).

He was born in Belgrade in 1982. He graduated in film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

STEFAN IVANČIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 21 2021

Stefan Ivančić is a film director, producer and selector. He completed his undergraduate and master studies in Film Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where he currently works as an assistant professor.

MIROLJUB STOJANOVIĆ - selector of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 21 2021

Born on March 2, 1958. Studies of world literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

He is engaged in film criticism, essays and research. He has published his works in more than 40 magazines, daily newspapers and periodicals.

Word of selector

July 12 2021

This year's extraordinarily profiled and expertly designed Festival, will be certainly remembered for several precious film gems, as well as a particular film aesthetic, entirely subservient to the movement of modern film expression. From the very first moment, high production standards made this year's festival quite equable.

Positive All the Way

July 27 2021

Directors: David Ulich, Steven Ungerleider
Country: USA
Duration: 26:49

When faced with tremendous obstacles, Sir Philip Craven holds true to his principles. This film explores how the former president of the International Paralympic Committee used these principles as a compass to guide the world’s largest adaptive sports organization to become a global leader for social change.


July 27 2021

Director: Jim McMorrow
Country: Ireland
Duration: 17:00

Based on a true story. Stephen, a young man with Down’s Syndrome wishes to break free from his caring but over-protective mother and celebrate his 18th birthday in the way that he chooses.

Sign At All Times

July 27 2021

Director: Andrew Leibman
Country: SAD
Duration: 08:00

Sign At All Times tells the story of how 18-year-old Brian Estrada overcame his personal adversity and found pride in his identity.

My way

July 27 2021

Director: Jasmina Pašalić
Country: BIH
Duration: 05:06

The film shows a girl with cerebral palsy and her everyday life. The film strives to make the viewer aware that anything is possible when you believe and when you have the support of the community.

Two roads

October 15 2020

Director: Radovan Sibrt
Country: Czech Republic
Runtime: 79:05

What would you do with your life in a limited body and with limited time?


July 27 2021

Director: Christophe Hermans
Country: Belgium
Duration: 94:00

Victor is 17. He is gradually losing his eyesight. That is irrevocable. Refusing his handicap, Victor fights to live like an average teenager and becoming an adult just like the others. Today Victor is ready to take off to go to University and study Law.

Crazy Wheels

July 27 2021

Director: Elena Rebeca Carini, Ilaria Giangrande
Country: Italy
Duration: 42:19

“What do you want from life?”


“What can you do?”



July 27 2021

Director: Christine Jezior
Country: Germany
Duration: 90:00

What happens to a relationship if a partner suddenly becomes severely disabled after an accident? For Gosia it is clear that she will stand by her boyfriend Tomek no matter what in order to let him live as normal and fulfilled a live as possible.

Alice from wonderland

July 27 2021

Director: Elena Demidova
Country: Russian Federation
Duration: 31:39

Masha is sick with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She can’t move and talk, only her fingers move a little and make it possible to control a computer mouse and then everything will be even worse.

Une Maison/House

July 27 2021

Director: Judith Auffray
Country: France
Duration: 82:00

Seven young autistic adults in a house Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, in the southern Cévennes in France.

Feeling through

July 27 2021

Director: Doug Roland
Country: USA
Duration: 18:17

Feeling Through, the first film to star a DeafBlind actor, is a coming of age story that follows Tereek, a teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash when he encounters Artie, a DeafBlind man in need of help getting home.

The 12th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities BOSIFEST 2021 was officially opened last night at the Yugoslav Film Archive

October 18 2021

The Festival's director - Darko Ivić, this year's Selector of the festival Miroljub Stojanovic, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs and the Commissioner for Protection of Equality Mrs. Brankica Jankovic addressed the audience.

With the award ceremony, the 12th Belgrade International Film Festival of people with disabilities came to an end

October 20 2021

The Grand Prix of the 12th Bosifest went to the documentary film "A HOUSE / UNE MAISON" by the French director Judith Auffray

A house take us to a very special place in a quite unusual way, and then focuses on the housemates - it allows us to meet individual characters as they go about their daily routine.


Accompanying program of the festival, October 25, 2022.

June 09 2022

Realizer: Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, Belgrade

Program title: Did you know about accessibility in culture?

Marija Stojnić - jury member of the thirteenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 09 2022

Marija Stojnić,  is a director and producer of documentaries that intertwine with other art forms. Her debut feature documentary “Speak to See You” premiered at the IDFA (First Appearance Competition ’19) festival in Amsterdam and the MoMA Museum (Doc Fortnight ’20) in New York, winning the Grand Prix in the national competition at Beldocs 2020 , winner of the international competition of the CaracasDocs festival in Venezuela and St. Andrews Festival in Scotland etc.

Dejan Petrović - jury member of the thirteenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 09 2022

Dejan Petrović, screenwriter and director of several short feature and documentary films, as well as producer of about 50 short documentaries.

He is the founder and director of the Independent Film Center Filmart, within which several projects are being implemented, including the International Student Film Camp Interaction.

Janko Baljak - jury member of the thirteenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 09 2022

Janko Baljak, (Belgrade, November 21, 1965) is a Serbian film and television director. He graduated from Film and Television Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

His first short feature film Due to Reasonable Doubt was shown in 1986 in the official selection of the Festival of Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film Feature Film.

MIROLJUB STOJANOVIĆ - selector of the thirteenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

June 09 2022

Born on March 2, 1958. He is engaged in film criticism, essays and research. He published his works in more than 40 magazines, as well as daily newspapers and periodicals.

He is represented in about twenty film books by his original works.

Once upon a boy

October 15 2020

Director: Uri Levi
Country: Israel
Runtime: 65:30

Ron is intelligent, charming and full of life, but every day, his movements are increasingly limited by cerebral palsy. This, while he watches his twin run and play soccer with their brother.


October 15 2020

Director: Sergio Morkin
Country: Mexico
Runtime: 78:33

Maricarmen Graue (52) is a cello player; she plays with a rock band, as well as in a chamber orchestra. She is also a music teacher, a writer, and a marathon runner. She lives alone and is completely blind.

Word of the selector

June 04 2019

In their lifetime, people with disabilities often encounter obstacles within their own beings, which can be the most difficult problem for overcoming. Much bigger than all the physical and emotional obstacles created in their everyday environment.

The films I have chosen for the program of this year's jubilee of Bosifest,  contain the strength of heroes, fighting for every day of life and shifting the boundaries of power. In this struggle, they often refine or simply make better people who are referred to daily by the nature of their illness.

This exchange of emotions leads to unexpected accomplishments for which we did not even know that we are capable of at the one hand, and the happiness in small, everyday pleasures that make life better, on the other.

In addition, the selection reflects the current world trends in the documentary film, both thematically, and aesthetically, thoughtfully and affirmatively, with the author's great love for his heroes.


July 02 2019

Director: György Dobray
Country: Hungary
Duration: 49min

They live together independently, they fight, they reconcile, they desire, they dream of having a baby, but most importantly they love, above all. Like couples do, properly. The difference is only that society labels them as “mentally disabled”. Cili and Marci have Down’s syndrome. This is what the film would be about, their everyday life, their infinite love for life and for each other. A world that may be completely unfamiliar to us, a world of wholeness and happiness.

Festival's accompanying program

June 14 2019

Invisible wave - an experimental tactile comic book

"Invisible Wave" is a doctoral art project authored by Dragana Kuprešanin, awarded in 2018 with the Prize for Accessible Artwork, at the "Inclusive Gallery" competition. This project is the first doctoral art project of the University of Arts which deals with the subject of inclusive comic books through the experiment of bringing together artistic and applied forms of media.
For the first time, the "Invisible Wave" makes the media of comic books available to the audience with disabilities (blind and visually impaired), who has never had access to such a media until now.

Dragana Kuprešanin (1982)

Graduated artist - specialist in painting (Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, 2011) and graduated graphic designer (Faculty of Applied Arts, 2008), author of alternative comic book.


June 15 2019

Ilija Smiljanić, –Sales Manager

Although young, Mark hotel is trying to support as many socially responsible manifestations, as well as those with a humanitarian character. Our vision is to become known for that, because the values of such programs are something that all of us should strive for in our private life, and aim to grow closer to. It is a fact that our public is dormant when it comes to the non-commercial festivals, but that's why we are here - to jointly do something about this situation, and show our general public the problems that people with disabilities are facing every day.

Tulip Inn Belgrade

June 15 2019

Dragana Rajak, Banquet Sales Executive

Hotel Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade is located in the center of New Belgrade, in a business center, just 100 meters from the bank of the Danube.

This Golden Tulip Hospitality Group hotel is a 10-minute drive from the old city center of Belgrade.


June 15 2019


As a representative of Belgrade Inn Garni Hotel, on behalf of the owner and all the employees, I can say that it is very important for companies of all kinds to consider providing support for cultural events and cultural organizations, especially when it comes to raising awareness and supporting people who need this kind of help the most, like people with disabilities.

Statement of the volunteers of the Dental School in Belgrade

June 15 2019

As volunteers at BOSIFEST in 2018. they would have told their friends that they must visit BOSIFEST this year. Through movies and workshops, we have gained new insights that have changed our minds towards people with disabilities, as well as more responsibility for our own lives.


June 21 2019

Director: Pierre Verdez
Country: France
Duration: 58min

Simon, a young tenor promised to an international career ends up paralyzed after an accident. With uncommon strength of character, Simon decides to pursue his singing career, even though he is now rooted to a wheelchair...


June 21 2019

Director: Laura De Miguel
Country: Spain
Duration: 19min

The Lunzo Association is a non-profit organization of sociocultural intervention, whose purpose is to favor the interrelation of people with disabilities and without it.


June 24 2019

Director: Fanny Bräuning
Country: Germany
Duration: 85min

Just a "love story". "Only" film about connectivity, intricacies, reliability, trust.


June 24 2019

Director: Nicky Maas
Country: Netherlands
Duration: 15min

Noëll – Little Fire – Schulte, an 11-year-old boy with autism, isn’t the most easy going type and has a hard time connecting with people. When Noëll gets Gerrit, a though buddy with a motorcycle, appointed to him they head of on an adventure. On the motorbike Noëll is freed from the outside world that tells him how to be. A road trip full of dreamy and observing moments follows. Will they learn to trust each other and let their guard down?


June 26 2019

Director: Stratis Chatzielenoudas
Country: Greece
Duration: 94min

Leonidas, a 33-year old punk rock paraplegic and his friends plan to climb on the highest peak of Mount Olympus. For whom is it going to be more difficult?


June 26 2019

Director: Alessandro Stevanon
Country: Italy
Duration: 20min

The world is a continuous formation of desires and possibilities. There are many obstacles between them, but Luca has found a way - in his own way - to overcome them.


June 28 2019

Director: George Gogua
Country: Georgia
Duration: 39min

Born in the small town of Chkhorotsku in Western Georgia, Gia (Jeme) Kikvadze has been visually impaired since birth. Nonetheless, despite his condition, he has always been active and in the 1990s even set up his own radio station which still functions today.


June 28 2019

Director: Wojciech Klimala
Country: Poland
Duration: 56min

The story of deaf Iwona is a modern Cinderella fairy tale. A life of a seemingly ordinary woman turns upside down when the Miss Deaf International crown lands on her head.


July 02 2019

Director: Elad Cohen, Iris Ben Moshe
Country: Israel
Duration: 75min

When El-Ad was a child, his mother told him: “Raising you is like raising three kids.” Ever since that moment, he felt guilty for being deaf, and tried extra hard to be like everyone else.

I am

October 15 2020

Director: Grzegorz Paprzycki
Country: Poland
Runtime: 23:09

A couple goes on a journey across the French Alps. Apart from beautiful landscapes, they share views on topics related to faith and the creation of the world.

A word from Darko Ivic, the Director of Bosifest 2019

July 30 2019

BOSIFEST 2019. This year's tenth festival will take place at the Yugoslav Film Archive Belgrade from 21st - 23rd of October. We are going to present 9 films in the competitive and 7 in the non-competitive part of the program, chosen by the selector Igor Toholj. As this year marks our jubillee, 10 years of BOSIFEST, we will be reflecting on past years, through the accompanying program during the Festival.

The opening of the 10th Belgrade International Film Festival by and for people with Disability, Bosifest 2019

October 24 2019

The 2019 BOSIFEST will feature documentaries on the life of disabled people or authored by people with disabilities. This year's film program is characterized by a large variety of genres and films of excellent quality.

With the award ceremony, the 10th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disability came to an end.

October 25 2019

The Grand Prix of the 10th Bosifest went to the Spanish documentary film "Moises" by Laura De Migel,

"Moises" is an extremely powerful film, devastatingly emotional, true and painful. What is particularly striking is that it accomplishes all this in a very simple and unpretentious way in just 19 minutes.

Dejan Dabić is jury member of the eleventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

July 28 2020

He is the editor of the film program of the Nis Cultural Center.

Since 1997, he has been one of the main organizers and selector of the Festival of Acting Achievements in Nis.

He edited the film program on the city's Nis television, published film reviews in the press, and was the initiator and one of the editors of the film magazine "Filaž" from Niš.

Tanja Brzakoviċ is jury member of the eleventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

July 28 2020

Tanja Brzaković was born in Belgrade, she studied film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. These studies were followed by postgraduate studies at the University of Hamburg.

She worked as an assistant director and director in Belgrade, Hamburg and Berlin, as a screenwriter and assistant professor. Thanks to many years of experience, she had the opportunity to make 15 short feature films and four feature-length documentaries.

Ognjen Glavonić is jury member of the eleventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

July 28 2020

Ognjen Glavonić is a film director from Pancevo. His films have been screened at festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Rotterdam, New York, Sarajevo and many others, winning about fifty awards. Glavonić is the director and one of the founders of the Pancevo Film Festival.

Igor M. Toholj is selector of the eleventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

July 28 2020

Igor M. Toholj, born in 1968 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, now Serbia.

Studied Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, graduated from FDU.

Documentary and experimental filmmaker, critic and programmer.

For his documentaries and experimental films, he has been awarded at film festivals.

Some were shown on national TV-RTS, as well as in various authorial and national retrospectives in the country and abroad.

Interactive film

August 11 2020

The workshop for creative writing of scripts for short films includes participants with disabilities of all categories in age groups as well as interested healthy people who work together to design, prepare and concept scripts for short films on the lives of people with disabilities, their social inclusion and universal problems.


August 18 2020

This year's selector, Igor Toholj, has chosen films to be screened at the 11th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities


October 15 2020

Director: Danilo - Lola Ilić
Country: Croatia
Runtime: 77:00

Erik is a 36-year-old young man with cerebral palsy. Although a person with disabilities and various problems he is never at peace, he always wants to do something new. He is a composer, author, singer, keyboard player, songwriter ....

I am

October 15 2020

Director: Martina Biagi
Country: Italy
Runtime: 52:06

I am is a journey amid families with children suffering from rare genetic conditions and doctors who take care of them.

Out of spite

October 15 2020

Director: Gojko Berkuljan
Country: Montenegro
Runtime: 10:50

„Out of spite“ is a movie about Anđela Radovanović, Russian language and literature teacher, poetess, showing the world of emotions between Siberia and Latin America through her poems.

I see in the dark

October 15 2020

Director: Lana Bregar
Country: Slovenia
Runtime: 16:30

The short documentary shows three individuals, who have lost their sight. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision.

BOSIFEST in Zvezdara park on the Film street

September 07 2013

Thanks to collaboration between Hendi center “Koloseum” and Film street, documentary film about the greatest rock n roll writer “A.K.A. Doc Pomus” was shown on 7th of September 2013 in Zvezdara park Belgrade. The film “A.K.A. Doc Pomus”, which has won a award  for the best direction at BOSIFEST 2013, was shown on the Filmstreet within the surprise projection.