Invisible Lines

July 27 2021

Director: Mehdi Rakhshani
Country: Iran
Duration: 49:03

In a village in Iran, a boy is born with severe physical disabilities. His parents, believing him to be stillborn, plan to bury him. Suddenly the boy begins moving with his arms and legs and returns to life. Throughout childhood, he learns to walk with the aid of crutches, made for him by his grandfather.

Very soon he begins to curiously examine and explore the world around him.

The boy draws everything on paper he sees and dreams that one day he will become a great artist.

He moves to Tehran, the capital attending the University of Arts.

He successfully participates in an international painting competition for disabled artists and is selected by UNESCO as the winner. This success leads him to be awarded a scholarship for education in Scotland.

On completion of his education, he returns to his hometown in Sistan where he lives alone. He begins teaching art to students. He continues to create beautiful and unique works of art.

The film "The Invisible Lines" is the life story of a disabled boy who loves painting and his unique talent enabled him to become the greatest disabled painter in the world.