Crazy Wheels

July 27 2021

Director: Elena Rebeca Carini, Ilaria Giangrande
Country: Italy
Duration: 42:19

“What do you want from life?”


“What can you do?”


This is the human being, precisely, this is Mimmo Caldaro. 32 year old guy from Bari, who’d rather be called “Moron Caldaro”

“Because life” he says “if taken too seriously, it’s bad for you”

He who is living, and co-living, since he was little, with SMA2 (proximal spinal muscolar atrophy of type 2), a disease which brings the degeneration of lower motor neurons, neuronal cells situated in anterior horn of spinal cord), subsequent atrophy and (usually) earl infant death. The result is a thin body, atrophied, paralyzed, but just a shell, because, inside, there is a guy who never stops, who never stay still, and while he reads and writes books, he even dance on the moon and solves other people problems, easly, smiling.


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