Word of selector

July 12 2021

This year's extraordinarily profiled and expertly designed Festival, will be certainly remembered for several precious film gems, as well as a particular film aesthetic, entirely subservient to the movement of modern film expression. From the very first moment, high production standards made this year's festival quite equable.

The variety of topics and participating countries make it very competitive in any festival domain and apart from a couple of individual film examples, we were able to see that films about people with disabilities are based on several strong themes: the majority of films spoke about the importance of sports and the role of art in their lives, growing awareness of the importance for the wider society to take action in improving as much as possible the position of people with disabilities and, above all, awareness of the fact that there are no limits for them when it comes to creativity.

The festival, which is so unequivocally humanistic and whose immanent communication principle is commitment, opens up new ways of understanding, as well as overcoming problems. It finds new forms of connection and searches for new ways of solidarity, and where wider society lacks in action, individuals never fail, as we see in the example of the benevolent involvement of Russian writers Yevgeny Vodolaskin and Lyudmila Petrushevskaya.

In this year's edition, people with disability are not only in front, but also behind the camera, some of the seen films do not deal with them, but they are the ones dealing with the film, that is: a radical transformation took place when it comes to who is the creator and who is the visual record addressed to. We are witnessing the defeat of earlier defensives that people with disability are stagnantly and vegetatively participating in the society and in life. At the same time, we are aware that many of the films we have seen perceive them as unavoidable and valuable human resources, to which a whole range of titles attests to, such as: Invisible Lines, Positive all the way, Champions, Victor…

This is, by all means, a Festival that we should wish a very long life to…

Miroljub Stojanović