Selector Goran Radovanović selected films for the 9th Bosifest

May 20 2018

Prominent director and selector of our Festival, Goran Radovanović, has just selected 15 film productions that will be presented within the Competitive and Non-competitive program of the upcoming 9th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest. The Festival will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

Goran had a difficult task of choosing 15 films for the Festival out of 125 that were submitted for competition from Europe, SAD, Austarlia, Latin America and Africa. 

Competition entry for the 9th Bosifest, officially published by the Festival organizer - Hendi Center Coloseum, lasted from November 25, 2017 to April 20, 2018. 

Films that will be presented at the upcoming Festival have arrived from Germany, Chile, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Poland, France, Russia, Egypt, Italy, and Slovenia.

Competitive program
1.    „Final Year“ (Chile), directors: Francisco Espinoza Pérez, Viviana Corvalán Armijo
2.    „Sandgirl“ (Germany), director: Mark Michel
3.    „With Open Wings“ (Greece), director: Vivian Papageorgiou
4.    „Transparent World“ (Georgia), director: Vato Kuntsev
5.    „An Alien Soul“ (Israel), director: Hadas Afari
6.    „When Brenden Met Hiroe“ (Australia/Japan), director: Steve Mayer-Miller
7.    „Notes on Blindness“ (Great Britain), directors: Peter Middleton, James Spinney
8.    „My Moonlight Sonata“ (Poland), director: Barbara Kaczynska
9.    „Right Side of Cello“ (Poland), director: Aleksandra Rek
10.    „Rio or bust“ (France), director: Pawel Lisiak

Non-competitive program
1.    „Blind Cinema“ (Russia), director: Grigory Glyants
2.    „My Name is Nour“ (Egypt), director: Haisam Abdelhamed
3.    „Defiant Lives“ (Australia), director: Sarah Barton
4.    „Feel the Wind“ (Italy), director: Simone Saponieri
5.    „Kristjan“ (Slovenia), director: Neli Maraž

Jury of the 9th Bosifest will give out following awards: Grand Prix for the best film, the award for the best director, the award for the best-case scenario, as well as special recognitions. 

Bosifest is a unique film festival in our country, but also in the world context, since the whole program is devoted to different aspects of life of people with disabilities, and the films shown are relevant and outstanding achievements of documentary genre.


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