Numerous guests at the opening of the 8th Bosifest in the Sava Center

11. October 2017.

The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest, held from October 10 to 12 in Sava Center, attrackted numerous guests from Serbia and abroad.

Director of the European Film Festival Palić and a long-standing director of the Yugoslav Film Archive, Radoslav Zelenović, who together with a renowned director Predrag Gaga Antonijević and our famous actress Anica Dobra made up this year's jury, stressed that "Three days are not enough for such a serious manifestation like this one."


- This is the second time I am on this jury and am helping this festival to become more and more visible in media and the society. This Festival is of a much wider scope, which cannot be seen at first glance. This year, no less than 150 films registered for the festival from all over the world, and we, as the jury, received 12 of the best chosen films. It is interesting that we will have the opportunity to see films from all destinations in the world. These are films about people with disabilities that will certainly stand as a warning to all of us who think that our problems are insurmountable. I still can't stop thinking about the film of a boy from Georgia, "Listen to the Silence", who is deaf, but all he wants to do is get on a stage and dance. The effort he is putting into overcoming his handicap in order to achieve his goal is incredible - said Zelenović.

Nino Doliashvili, assistant to the director of the film "Listen to the Silence" Mariam Chachia, said that she was very glad that this film was shown on the first day of Bosifest in Belgrade.


- I think this is a brilliant festival and an excellent opportunity for many people to get acquanited with problems of people with disabilities. The film I am representing talks about a deaf boy who has a desire do dance, in spite of the fact that he cannot hear. With his iron will, he manages to accomplish something that even some people without any kind of handicap, are not able to accomplish - added Doliashvili.

Anastazja Dabrowska from Poland, director of the film "Daniel", couldn't hide her surprise at the huge interest among the audience of the eighth Bosifest.


- I am astonished at the large number of people in the auditorium. If there is such a great interest for a festival like this one, then this is a huge advantage for people with disabilities in Serbia. My film talks about Daniel who is going to the summer camp for persons with Down syndrome. He is going there in search for love, and friends are helping him find a girlfriend. This is a documentary with some comedy elements and that is why I think it will be very interesting to all who watch it - stated Dabrowska.

Director of the film "In another world", Anna Bedynska from Poland, claims that Bosifest is an excellent opportunity to use film in order to get young people acquainted with the life of people with disabilities.


- I am here for the first time and I was thrilled by the atmosphere at the opening night. Although these were specific documentary films, the theatre was completely full, and I could barely see an empthy seat. I am so glad that many young people came, because they are the target group of my film, as well as many other films here. My film speaks of a family whose life was instantly changed when the mother found out that she was carrying a baby with Down syndrome. This story talks about how to make the right decision, how to choose the right way and how never to give up. It is a story about making the most important decisions in life and I do hope that the audience will enjoy it - said Bedynska.

This year's Bosifest has organized a two-day conference entitled "Start a change", which will take place on October 11 and 12, in the 'Amphitheatre' hall of the Sava Center, where all the film screenings are taking place. A professor at the Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation and the chairman of the "Start a Change" conference’s program committee, Goran Nedović, pointed out that one of the main topics will be how media influences attitudes formed towards people with disabilities.

- We will discuss, in a professional way, how people with disabilities are being portrayed in the media. We will talk about culture, tolerance and many other aspects. This conference will be significant because it will have an interdisciplinary approach, as the experts of different profiles will discuss the problems.This conference was accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor, Veteran and Social Policy, which actually makes it a part of the training for professionals who are working in education and social services - Nedović explained.

This year's Bosifest will present 18 films selected by the prominent documentary maker, Goran Radovanović, that is 10 in the competitive and 8 in the non-competitive part of the program. At the opening night, the audience was able to see the World Preview of the Israeli documentary "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Casesel.


24. June 2019.

Director: Nicky Maas
Country: Netherlands
Duration: 15min

Noëll – Little Fire – Schulte, an 11-year-old boy with autism, isn’t the most easy going type and has a hard time connecting with people. When Noëll gets Gerrit, a though buddy with a motorcycle, appointed to him they head of on an adventure. On the motorbike Noëll is freed from the outside world that tells him how to be. A road trip full of dreamy and observing moments follows. Will they learn to trust each other and let their guard down?


24. June 2019.

Director: Fanny Bräuning
Country: Germany
Duration: 85min

Just a "love story". "Only" film about connectivity, intricacies, reliability, trust.


21. June 2019.

Director: Laura De Miguel
Country: Spain
Duration: 19min

The Lunzo Association is a non-profit organization of sociocultural intervention, whose purpose is to favor the interrelation of people with disabilities and without it.


21. June 2019.

Director: Pierre Verdez
Country: France
Duration: 58min

Simon, a young tenor promised to an international career ends up paralyzed after an accident. With uncommon strength of character, Simon decides to pursue his singing career, even though he is now rooted to a wheelchair...

Word of the selector

04. June 2019.

In their lifetime, people with disabilities often encounter obstacles within their own beings, which can be the most difficult problem for overcoming. Much bigger than all the physical and emotional obstacles created in their everyday environment.

The films I have chosen for the program of this year's jubilee of Bosifest,  contain the strength of heroes, fighting for every day of life and shifting the boundaries of power. In this struggle, they often refine or simply make better people who are referred to daily by the nature of their illness.

This exchange of emotions leads to unexpected accomplishments for which we did not even know that we are capable of at the one hand, and the happiness in small, everyday pleasures that make life better, on the other.

In addition, the selection reflects the current world trends in the documentary film, both thematically, and aesthetically, thoughtfully and affirmatively, with the author's great love for his heroes.

Igor M. Toholj is this year's selector of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

09. May 2019.

Igor M. Toholj was born in 1968. in Belgrade. He is editor of the film program DKSG. He is the author of twenty experimental and documentary films, which were screened and rewarded at festivals in the country and abroad.

He began his film career as a member of several of the most important cinema clubs of the former SFRJ-Cinema Club of the Youth Center of the City of Belgrade and the Academy Film Center since 1984.

Vuk Ršumović is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

09. May 2019.

Scenarist and director, born in 1975. in Belgrade.

Graduated in dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He wrote a screenplay for 16 award winning short feature films and animated films. Written and screenwriter for documentary films Dread and horror, Closing word and Valter; and television documentary series Football, football and some more ...

Nataša Ninkovic is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

09. May 2019.

She was born in 1972. in Trebinje (father Branko and mother Milena) where she completed her primary and secondary medical school. After finishing secondary school she went to Belgrade, where in 1994. she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of professor Vladimir Jevtović. During her studies, she had small roles movies The Best and Three Tickets to Hollywood. After that she acted in several films, TV shows and theater performances.

Biljana Tutorov is this year's jury member of the Tenth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - BOSIFEST 2019

09. May 2019.

Biljana Tutorov graduated in Archeology and History of Art at the Catholic University of Luwen (Belgium). In Paris, she studied an anthropological film at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes and acted on Ecole Internationale de Théatre Jacque Lecoq.

With the award ceremony, the ninth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – Bosifest came to an end

13. October 2018.

Ninth Bosifest, was held in the Sava Center from 10 to 12 October 2018 under the slogan "RAMPA!", Shows 15 relevant documentaries on various topics related to persons with disabilities, according to the selection of Goran Radovanovic, our famous director .

Selector Goran Radovanović selected films for the 9th Bosifest

20. May 2018.

Prominent director and selector of our Festival, Goran Radovanovic, has just selected 15 film productions that will be presented within the Competitive and Non-competitive program of the upcoming 9th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest. The Festival will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

9th Bosifest’s Jury: Goran Marković, Dragan Petrović Pele and Jovana Stojiljković

11. May 2018.

With great pride and extreme professional pleasure, we present to you our jury of the 9th Bosifest (10-12 October 2018, Sava Center), consisting of: our well-known director, writer and professor Goran Marković, famous actor and professor Dragan Petrović Pele and a talented young actress Jovana Stojiljković.

The award winning director, Goran Radovanović, selector of the 9th Bosifest

08. May 2018.

After a successful cooperation and an excellent selection of films last year, once again we will have Goran Radovanović as the selector for the upcoming 9th Bosifest, that will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

Anica Dobra: As long as there is a BOSIFEST, there is hope for this country

24. October 2017.

Famous Serbian actress Anica Dobra in a interview for the website of BOSIFEST explains that she was honored to be part of the eighth Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities.

Volunteers like the silent heroes of the BOSIFEST

23. October 2017.

Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities - BOSIFEST was held for the eighth consecutive year. This film festival probably would not exist without the main engineer Darko Ivic, many institutions that supported him for years, as well as sponsors who helped him. However, a large number of volunteers who performed daily "behind the scenes" performed a number of most diverse tasks, in accordance with the standards of the biggest film festivals.

Matthieu Firmin: I am proud of Gran prix, BOSIFEST is a serious festival

23. October 2017.

Grand prix at the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities won Matthieu Firmin for the film "Arise and Walk". The French author in the film talks about his struggle against the paraplegia that he suddenly received after a stroke.

Guests of the BOSIFEST are delighted with the festival and Belgrade

23. October 2017.

The authors of the films that were guests of the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities -BOSIFEST say that they bare beautiful memories from the festival and from Belgrade.