The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest is officially opened.

10. October 2017.

The eighth Bosifest was officially opened last night at the Belgrade Sava Center’s "Amphitheatre". Director of the Festival, Darko Ivić, assistant to the Minister of Culture and Information Ivana Dedić, acting assistant to the Minister of Labor, Empoyment, Veteran and Social Policy - Sector for protection of people with disabilities - Biljana Barošević, representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development Gordana Cvetković and a member of the City Council of Belgrade Dragomir Petronijević addressed a numerous and mostly young audience.

Darko Ivić said that in keeping with the slogan "Start a change", the Festival has already started to implement it by moving from the Belgrade Youth Center to the Sava Center. He also expressed a desire to move into the large hall in two to three years.

"Each year, we are adding something new to our program. This time, that step further will be a conference "Bosifest 2017 - Start a change", with lectures given by professionals and interaction with university and highschool students. This is also the aim of the Festival - sensitizing young people to get involved in recognizing problems of people with disabilities and possibly giving some input", said Ivić.

"The second main goal, that we have already fulfilled and are continuing to develop is creating a bond between fim authors and organizations for people with disabilities, as well as individuals, in order to help them realize that film is a serious art and only with professionals we will be able to create good documentary films on topics that concern us", emphasized Ivić.

Director expressed great pleasure at the support of competent institutions, he thanked the authors from Poland, Georgia, France and the Netherlands for coming, as well as the selector Goran Radovanović and memebers of the jury, Anica Dobra, Radoslav Zelenović and Predrag Antonijević.

As for the Festival program, he pointed out the World Preview of the Israeli film "My hero brother".

Ivana Dedić estimated that Bosifest is "becoming a traditional manifestation that each time gathers a wider circle of filmmakers and admirers of film art".

"This festival is proof that artistic affirmation is a confirmation of the activity and creativity of people with disabilities.At the same time, it is an indicator of the quality of film production in our country and the world. Bosifest offers an immeasurable contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the creative reality of our culture", she said.

Biljana Barošević said that the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy has different projects for including people with disabilities in the community life.

"Bosifest is one of the positive examples of inclusion. We will do a lot to support these and similar projects in order to affirm people with disabilities in all spheres of our society", she said, adding that the film plays an important role as it can strengthen the awareness of problems of people with disabilities.

Gordana Cvetković reminded that every child's right to education with their peers was legally regulated in 2009.

She said, "Inclusive education has become the right. We have started a change and now it is up to us to maintain it. I am very glad to see so many young people in the audience. We will have much less work if young people joined together in working with their peers, fighting against fears, opposition and prejudice".


Dragomir Petronijević thanked Darko Ivić for organizing this festival for the eighth year now which, among other things, promotes Belgrade. He said, "Many people around the world heard about our city thanks to Bosifest itself. On the other hand, through this Festival's program, young viewers were able to learn something about life and people from other countries".

Petronijević emphasized that while working at the Youth Office he often encountered attitudes like, 'how will I do that?', 'I cannot do it' and similar. "This is why I am thrilled by Darko Ivić's energy. He has shown that whoever wants to do something - they will find a way. When you believe in your project, when you work on your knowledge and skills - there are no limits", said Petronijević.

The opening ceremony of the 8th Bosifest was lead by the actor Uroš Jovčić, along with translations to sign language and English. Jovčić said that over 100 films applied for the Festival from Serbia, Europe, Amerika, Australia and Afrika, out of which 18 were chosen for the competitive and non-competitive part of the program.

In his previous conversation with the journalists, Darko Ivić explained that they went for a fewer number of films than previous years, in order to be able to show some longer film over the three days of Festival. The main criterion, besides the topic, was certainly a high quality of chosen films, emphasized Ivić.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, the fenomenal feature-length documentary "Normal Autistic Film" was shown, in which the Czech documentarist challenges us once and for all to stop perceiving autism as a medical diagnosis and try to understand it as a fascinating way of thinking that is often too difficult to decipher.

During Bosifest, from October 10-12, the audience will be able to see 18 films chosen by the selector Gorana Radovanović, 10 in the competitive and 8 in the non-competitive part of the program. All films had their premieres in Serbia at this time, and on the first day of the Festival, at 8 p.m., there was a World Preview of the excellent Israeli documentary "My hero brother" (Directors:Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel) which follows a group of young people with Down syndrome on a joureny through the Indian Himalayas, accompanied by their brothers and sisters. This film will be shown in the non-competitive part of the program.

Appart from the "Normal Autistic Film", in the competitive part of the program we will also be able to see a documentary "50 x Rio" (Author: Francesco Mansuti, 36:14 min) which talks about an adventure of a very special guy, Alex Zanardi, and of his training and preparations for the Paraolymic games in Rio de Janeiro. In his fifties, Alex is physically more capable than much younger athletes. Along the way, the film captures amazing footage from training scenes of the Italian Paraolympic national team, Alex's everyday life, to the special moments when he meets and works with key people who are helping him develop the skill of riding his handcycle. Then there is the film "88MhZ" (Author: Yana Titova, 39 min) about the blind theater and radio journalist, Jordan Georgiev from Bulgaria, who is hosting the cultural program entitled "No Masks", as well as the excellent short documentary called "Altrove" (Authors: Cesare Cicardini, Mauro Melgrati, 18 min) that speaks of a freeing and intimate journey of a twenty-year-old young man with a Down syndrome, whose ambition is to find his place in this world.

You will certainly enjoy the Russian film "They went dancing" (Author: Maryam Makhieva, 20 min) - a documentary about people who are connected by sport dancing in wheelchairs.

The twelve-year-old Laura will be our guide through her life with deaf parents in the film "Two worlds", and nine-year-old Luka will share with us his dream about dancing on stage in the film "Listen to the silence", because he feels that is the only way he can take his place in this world. The only world known to him is the public school for deaf children which he attends and lives in...

Within the competitive program, other documentaries that will be shown are "In another world", about the woman who receives the news that she is pregnant and is carrying a baby with a Down syndrome; "Arise and walk" - a unique documentary in which Matthieu Firmin, popular online magazine Spicee's editor-in-chief, in a funny and interesting way talks about his battle with paraplegia and "Daniel", film about a boy who spends his holiday in a camp organized for persons with Down syndrome.

This year's Bosifest members of the jury are: Predrag Gaga Antonijević, our renown director, Radoslav Zelenović, director of the European Film Festival Palić and a long-standing director of the Yugoslav Film Archive and Anica Dobra, one of our most significant actresses. The jury will give out following awards: Grand Prix for the best film, the award for the best director, the award for the best-case scenario, as well as special recognitions.

In addition to the aforementioned exclusive World Preview of the film "My hero brother", films that will be shown in the non-competitive part of the program are "Andre The Anti-Giant" - a remarkable journey of a three-foot tall actor, comedian and disability advocate Andre H. Arruda; Russian short documentary "Champion and Ballet Dancer", Belgian film "The kangaroo complex", Indian "I'm Jeeja" - a first person narrative of Jeeja Ghosh, an effective and responsible leader and disability rights activist living with cerebral palsy.

This year, Festival's accompanying program is the conference "Start a change", which will take place on the second and third day of the Festival, before the showing of the films (12a.m. - 3.30p.m.). At the Conference, experts will be giving interactive lectures on topics:

  • Media reports on people with disabilities;
  • The influence of media - film on creating attitudes towards people with disabilities;
  • Application and importance of media in the inclusive education;
  • Culture, tolerance, diversity.

You can find a detailed program schedule and more information about the films in the the Festival catalogue, which is available for download on the following link - Bosifest - catalogue

All film screenings will be held at the Sava Center's "Amphitheatre". The accompanying program will be held at the "Amphitheatre" and the VIP room.

Bosifest is a unique film festival in our country, but also in the world context, since the whole program is devoted to the life of people with disabilities, and the films shown are relevant and outstanding achievments of a documentary genre.


With the award ceremony, the ninth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – Bosifest came to an end

13. October 2018.

Ninth Bosifest, was held in the Sava Center from 10 to 12 October 2018 under the slogan "RAMPA!", Shows 15 relevant documentaries on various topics related to persons with disabilities, according to the selection of Goran Radovanovic, our famous director .

Selector Goran Radovanović selected films for the 9th Bosifest

20. May 2018.

Prominent director and selector of our Festival, Goran Radovanovic, has just selected 15 film productions that will be presented within the Competitive and Non-competitive program of the upcoming 9th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest. The Festival will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

9th Bosifest’s Jury: Goran Marković, Dragan Petrović Pele and Jovana Stojiljković

11. May 2018.

With great pride and extreme professional pleasure, we present to you our jury of the 9th Bosifest (10-12 October 2018, Sava Center), consisting of: our well-known director, writer and professor Goran Marković, famous actor and professor Dragan Petrović Pele and a talented young actress Jovana Stojiljković.

The award winning director, Goran Radovanović, selector of the 9th Bosifest

08. May 2018.

After a successful cooperation and an excellent selection of films last year, once again we will have Goran Radovanović as the selector for the upcoming 9th Bosifest, that will take place on 10-12 October at the Sava Center.

Anica Dobra: As long as there is a BOSIFEST, there is hope for this country

24. October 2017.

Famous Serbian actress Anica Dobra in a interview for the website of BOSIFEST explains that she was honored to be part of the eighth Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities.

Volunteers like the silent heroes of the BOSIFEST

23. October 2017.

Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities - BOSIFEST was held for the eighth consecutive year. This film festival probably would not exist without the main engineer Darko Ivic, many institutions that supported him for years, as well as sponsors who helped him. However, a large number of volunteers who performed daily "behind the scenes" performed a number of most diverse tasks, in accordance with the standards of the biggest film festivals.

Matthieu Firmin: I am proud of Gran prix, BOSIFEST is a serious festival

23. October 2017.

Grand prix at the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities won Matthieu Firmin for the film "Arise and Walk". The French author in the film talks about his struggle against the paraplegia that he suddenly received after a stroke.

Guests of the BOSIFEST are delighted with the festival and Belgrade

23. October 2017.

The authors of the films that were guests of the 8th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities -BOSIFEST say that they bare beautiful memories from the festival and from Belgrade.

With the award ceremony, the eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – Bosifest came to an end.

13. October 2017.

The Grand Prix of the 8th Bosifest went to the French documentary film, entitled "Arise and Walk" by Matthieu Firmin, the award for the best director went to "Daniel" by Anastazja Dabrowska (Poland) and for the best-case scenario to "Listen to the Silence" by Mariam Chachia (Georgia). Special recognitions were given to films "In another world" by Anna Bedynska (Poland), "Two worlds" by Maciej Adamek (Poland) and "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel (Israel).

"Normal Autistic Film" and "My hero brother" thrilled the audience on the first day of the 8th Bosifest

11. October 2017.

Czech documentary "Normal Autistic Film" by Miroslav Janek and the Israeli film "My hero brother" by Yonatan Nir and Enosh Cassel, opened on Tuesday the eighth Belgrade International Film festival for and by people with disability - Bosifes. The "Amphitheatre" hall of Sava Center was packed during the screenings of both films and there was not an indifferent person in sight.

Numerous guests at the opening of the 8th Bosifest in the Sava Center

11. October 2017.

The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest, held from October 10 to 12 in Sava Center, attrackted numerous guests from Serbia and abroad.

The eighth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest is officially opened.

10. October 2017.

The eighth Bosifest was officially opened last night at the Belgrade Sava Center’s "Amphitheatre". Director of the Festival, Darko Ivić, assistant to the Minister of Culture and Information Ivana Dedić, acting assistant to the Minister of Labor, Empoyment, Veteran and Social Policy - Sector for protection of people with disabilities - Biljana Barošević, representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development Gordana Cvetković and a member of the City Council of Belgrade Dragomir Petronijević addressed a numerous and mostly young audience.

The official selection of films for the BOSIFEST 2017

10. June 2017.

Competitive program:

  1. 50 X Rio
    Director: Francesco Mansuti
    Country: Italy
    Duration: 36:14
  1. 88MhZ
    Director: Yana Titova
    Country: Bulgaria
    Duration: 39:00
  1. Altrove
    Directors: Cesare Cicardini, Mauro Melgrati
    Country: Italy
    Duration: 18:00


  1. Daniel
    Director: Anastazja Dabrowska
    Country: Poland
    Trajanje: 24:00
  1. In another world
    Director: Anna Bedynska
    Country: Netherlands
    Duration: 26:00
  1. Lêve-toi et marché
    Director: Matthieu Firmin
    Country: France
    Duration: 83:00


  1. Listen to the silence
    Director: Mariam Chachia
    Country: Georgia
    Duration: 80:00
  1. Normal autistic film
    Director: Miroslav Janek
    Country: Czech Republic
    Duration: 82:00
  1. They went dancing
    Director: Maryam Makhieva
    Country: Russia
    Duration: 19:43


  1. Two worlds
    Director: Maciej Adamek
    Country: Poljska
    Duration: 52:00




Non competitive program:

  1. Andre The Anti-Giant
    Director: Kim Saltarski
    Country: Canada
    Duration: 16:46
  1. Champion and Ballet Dancer
    Director: Ekaterina Timoshenko
    Country: Russia
    Duration: 26:00
  1. I’m Jeeja
    Director: Swati Chakraborty
    Country: India
    Duration: 26:00


  1. If i could choose
    Director: Mirijana Isakov, Žarko Sebić, Željko Mandić
    Country: Serbia
    Duration: 8:30
  1. The kangaroo komplex
    Director: Sarah Moon Howe
    Country: Belgium
    Duration: 57:45
  1. My hero brother
    Director: Yonatan Nir, Enosh Cassel
    Country: Israel
    Duration: 78:22


  1. Sanctuary
    Director: Len Collin
    Country: United Kingdom
    Duration: 86:00
  1. Toloo
    Director: Ebrahim Nematijan
    Country: Iran
    Duration: 17:42




Pomo Video Bosifest 2017

09. June 2017.

Bosifest 2017, from 10 to 12 October, at the Sava Center. Welcome!

Two worlds

06. June 2017.

Maciej Adamek is director and scriptwriter. Recognized documentary director. Graduated from the Polish philology at University in Gdańsk and directing at the Łódź Film School. His films was screened at few hundred film festivals where received about 50 awards (at San Fransico FF, Palm Springs FF, Silverdocs in Washington, Shanghai FF, Munich, Toronto, Moscow , Montreal FF etc.)

Normal Autistic Film

05. June 2017.

Miroslav Janek born in 1954 in Nachod in the Czech Republic. He started making photographs from the age of ten and short films from the age of fifteen a great number of which were awarded prizes at numerous amateur film festivals. He emigrated to Germany in 1979, and then to USA in 1980 where, during the eighties and nineties worked as an editor and cameraman.


05. June 2017.

Anastazja Dabrowska, born on 1990 in Warsaw. Since 2012 she is a student of Directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Previously studied Environmental protection at UKSW.

Arise and walk

05. June 2017.

Matthieu Firmin starts as a journaliste at AFP (Agence France Press) at the middle east / African desk after a master’s degree in history at La Sorbonne University.

88 Mhz

04. June 2017.

Yana Titova was born on February 26, 1983 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At the age of 14, while studying piano and singing in the prestigious Musical School in Plovdiv, she was at cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Since then, acting has become her life. In 2007, Yana received her degree in acting from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia.

I’m Jeeja

04. June 2017.

Swati Chakravarty did her Masters in Economics from Jadavpur University and then trained in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She heads the Department of Information Communication Technology at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and has won the international ABLENET. Award for developing low-cost indigenous technology for AAC. She has worked as a script writer and assistant director for several films commissioned by MHRD, FD, PRI, etc.


04. June 2017.

Cesare Cicardini is a director and photographer based in Milan. Five. He graduated from the film school in Milan in 1997. He has collaborated with magazines of the most important media groups as well as major record labels and publishers. His works have been exhibited in various national and international art galleries. He has directed various documentaries, short films and TV commercials.

My hero brother

04. June 2017.

Award winning documentary filmmaker Yonatan Nir started his storytelling career as a photojournalist. His photo essays, from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, and South Africa, have been featured extensively in Israeli and international newspapers and magazines.

Listen to the Silence

04. June 2017.

Mariam graduated from Georgian State University Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film - Drama faculty in 2003 with honors where she studied Theatre Directing and Acting. Since then Mariam has led a distinguished career in film and television production where she has worked as an award winning scriptwriter, art director, assistant director, director and producer.


04. June 2017.

Len Collin was born in London and lives in Ireland with dual citizenship. He trained as a professional actor at Arts Educational Drama School London and he is also a production and Direction MA graduate of the Huston Film School, Galway, Ireland. Len started writing for the theater in the early nineties.

The Kangaroo Complex

03. June 2017.

Sarah Moon Howe was born in 1972. Was a professional dancer before started filmmaking in 2003. Her filmography includes Don’t Tell My Mother (2003), In Case of Loss of Pressure (2009) The Kangaroo’s Complex (2014) is her third film.

50 x Rio

02. June 2017.

Francesco Mansutti lives and works in Padua. He has been director, filming and editing since 1995. As a director he has produced numerous docu-films, short films and commercials.
Among his last works are: The Games of Others (2009); Rosso70 (2009), Luce/Light (2011). He is co-directed of numerous docu-films with Vinicio Stefanello. He is Art-Director of a major advertising agency.

Andre The Anti-Giant

02. June 2017.

Kim Saltarski gripping documentaries for NGOs Children International & Plan Canada shot in Benin, Colombia, Peru, Zambia, The Philippines and Ecuador have touched the hearts of millions across North America. His bevy of broadcasters include: Nickelodeon, CTV, CBC, The Comedy Network, YTV, Disney Channel, Global, Discovery Channel, BBC Kids, Cartoon Network, and The Family Channel.

Friend of the Festival Constantine the Great

01. June 2017.

Tell us more about Hotel Constantine the Great?

Hotel Constantine the Great opened in November 2014 and has 56 rooms. There is an elegant restaurant Edict with international and domestic cuisine, a very good selection of wine, a conference hall with capacity of up to 85 people with modern technology and own catering, and parking with guard, ramp and video surveillance and solves the big problem of parking in the city center for all our Guests and visitors.