Promotion of Bosifest in Sabac

May 29 2017

The Belgian film "You have a handicap" and the lecture on Disabled Persons (PWD) marked the promotion of Bosifest, held at the beginning of June in front of Sabac high school students. In the hall of the School of Economics – Trade School in Sabac (ETS), a large number of students gathered to learn more about the problems of people with disabilities, as well as about the film festival that deals with this topic.

It was noticeable and commendable that young people are well versed in this topic, which is the result of the School's participation in numerous activities related to helping to solve the problem of PWD. Finding that there is a film festival dealing with the theme of PWD or they are the authors of film achievements has gained great approval from the audience. The unique position of the present is that Bosifest plays a significant role in raising the awareness of the society about this problem.

The lecture and presentation held by representatives of Bosifest, together with the partners from the Belgrade High School of Tourism, is an integral part of the efforts to create publicity for the problems of PWD and the existence of the Festival which, for the eighth year in a row, drives the society towards better.

Kristina Tovitović, student of ETS

Support for people with disabilities should be provided. We can not bend aside and pretend that they do not exist. Society must ensure that they have a normal life, feel safe and accepted. I have already taken part in actions that have been directed to help children with autism. In one of them I sold their works. It was a special experience for me, and the fact that the action passed very satisfying was satisfaction to me. There should be as many lectures as these, especially directed at us, young people, because in this way we will become better people. People with disabilities are important in this society. I do not admit that there are differences. We are all equal!

Kristina Gajić, student of ETS

People with disabilities must be accepted in society and we must not make a difference. We need to help them realize their dreams. I also took part in helping children with autism. I would like to highlight the action organized by our School, when we create packages for the New Year for children with autism. I think Bosifest is a great festival that can launch a society to get involved more actively in solving the problems of people with disabilities. I recommend to everyone I know to visit the Festival.

Danijela Marković, student of ETS

The first impression after today's lecture and presentation is that people with disabilities should not be looked at in a different way compared to others, but should be given support. They have the same needs as we, but their fulfillment is difficult for them. In order to help them, we must first inform the society about this problem. When we participated in one of the actions to help children with autism, a large number of people did not know what kind of disease was. In order to succeed in this endeavor it is necessary to organize as many lectures, seminars, as well as film festivals such as Bosifest. If I am in a position, I will definitely visit the Festival.

Vesna Pavlović, professor of ETS

In addition to working in the School, I am the president of the Association for the Help of Persons with Autism in Sabac. Today's lecture is for every compliment. I consider that all activities are directed to solving this problem of enormous importance, especially those aimed at educating young people. This is the best way to create a better society. Therefore, we have to work on this in pre-school age, then in elementary and secondary schools, in order to gain an understanding of these problems when they become adults. This must be a continuous process of education, with a clear goal, which is a change of human consciousness. The need for a change of consciousness was also shown by the film that we had today the opportunity to see. In my opinion, people with disabilities should be given better conditions than people who do not have disabilities because they are no longer deprived of their lives. I'm sure that nobody will have anything against it.

Katarina Stojicevic, pedagogue ETS

Today's lecture and presentation of the film have prompted me to think about our society as soon as they meet something that is a little different, whether they are people with physical or mental problems, it withdraws, retreats, and discards diversity. That's why I think it is necessary to give as many lectures as this, because in this way we give young people the opportunity to change their views on the world that surrounds them. ETS always and with special pleasure participates in all actions aimed at helping people with disabilities. School and the city of Sabac are also very active in this. In Sabac there is a Center for children with autism with a living room, and we are very often their guests. For New Year all our students unite and collect help for children with autism. On the other hand, with the help of partners from our city, such as the Sabac Library and the actors of the Sabac Theater, we organize a theater performance for children. Every year we celebrate the Day of Autistic People and the Day of People with Disabilities at the School. During the year whenever an opportunity arises to organize a lecture on this topic, we are pleased to do so.