Bosifest Promoting in Smederevo

May 28 2017

People with disabilities have needs like everyone else, but their satisfaction is difficult, especially when society does not recognize this problem and does not start actively solving it, this is the unique attitude of the audience after the presentation of Bosifest in the premises of the Economic- Trade School in Smederevo.

The Hall in Smederevo was small to receive all those interested in learning more about PWD and the Belgrade International Film Festival of People with Disabilities, the only one in South East Europe. This year's 8 th edition is held under the slogan "Start Change", which was also the main motivation for the lectures delivered by the representatives of Bosifests to high school students from Smederevo, together with their partners from the Belgrade High School of Tourism.

"Bosifest offers a valuable contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the creative reality of our society because of the artistic and other potentials they possess," said Darko Ivić, president of HC Koloseum and director of the Festival. Also, it is of great importance that the Festival contributes to informing the general public about the situation and needs of persons with disabilities, the destruction of prejudices and the acceptance of diversity.

This year's Bosifest is being held from October 10th to 12th in the Belgrade Sava Center, and besides the film program, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, lectures and scientific conference.

Petković Tanja, student of ETS

Although I often meet people with disabilities, I must admit that I did not know much about the problems they encounter. Unfortunately, the society is very little familiar with this topic and that is why I think we should do a lot on its information. Let's start, first, from removing physical barriers. I really liked the movie I had to look at today. So I think Bosisfit is a good way to draw public attention to this topic.

Ana Stojković, student of ETS

I am quite familiar with this topic, but today's lecture has allowed me to learn more about it. People have to understand that PWD have needs like everyone else, but they are more difficult to satisfy them. I have not participated in the campaigns that have been focused on PWD, but after today's lecture I will definitely do it. Bosifest is a great way to get the public informed and interested in this topic. In support of this, there is the way in which my friends reacted to the film that is being shown today. I do not think anyone has remained indifferent.

Milićević Anđela, student of ETS

During today's lecture, I learned a lot about people with disabilities. It's especially important for me to realize that they have no special needs in relation to me. The biggest problem in society, when it comes to the issue of PWD, is to condemn and not accept diversity. The awareness of people about this problem must be raised, just as today's lecture and presentation of the film makes. I'm sure that Bosisfrist is a great way to awaken society.

Anđela Živanović, student of ETS

In the city where I live, I met people with disabilities. After today's lecture, I realized how much, in fact, I do not know about them. The film I had the chance to look at was very pleasing and, which is very important, he eliminated many of the dilemmas I had. That is the importance of today's education and the upcoming Festival. I hope that I will have the opportunity to attend Bosifest.