BOSIFEST in Mladenovac city

September 16 2013

Thanks to the colaboration of the Hendi Center „Koloseum“ and the  Movement of Urban Culture „Mladež“, with support of the Belgrade Youth Office on 16th of September in the lobby of Center for Culture Mladenovac were being shown films from this years  Bosifest. In Mladenovac was shown film „Lucy“, which talks about a girl who suffers from autism, and which was being shown on Canes Film Festival. The audince enjoyed as well in the documetary film „A.K.A. Doc Pomus“, about the greates rock n rollwriter Doc Pomus, author of the most beautiful verses, as well songs „Save the last dance for me“ and „Viva Las Vegas“. We used this opportunity to talk with Nemanja Glišić from Urban Culture „Mladež“ Movement, about aspect of the young people and persons with disabilities: „Young persons with disabilities have a very unenviable aspect in the society, they seem very passive, they have lack of motivation an all segments of life and rarely take part in some activities and events. Because of that situation, projects like this are very useful“, says Glišić.

According to him, films can encourage the society to help and contribute in making every day much easier for persons with disabilities and there fore, their problems become much more visible. Significance of the Bosifest is that they have a goal to encourage persons with disabilities to be part of the creative life, to express their talent and help them not to feel rejected from the society.