BOSIFEST In Spanish cultural center

October 03 2013

Within the International Day Of PersonsWith Disabilities, that is being held all over the world on 3th of December, in the Spanish Cultural Center was shown the film „Chromosome 5“. The film is a winner of Grand Prix BOSIFEST 2013, and projection of the film was being organized in colaboration with Hendi Center „Koloseum“ and Spanish Cultural Center. The film „Chromozome 5“ is one of the 34 films from all over the world, that were shown on this years BOSIFEST, which was being held from 5th to 7th of June in Belgrade. According to Slobodan Šijan, this years one of the judges, the film „Chromozome 5“ is differentfrom the otherf ilms, because of the intimately story, which is being told professionally with extremly good visual configuration. The film was shown at the Spanish Cultural Center with in the BOSIFEST postproduction.