1. Atomy
    Director: Logi Hilmarsson
    Country: Iceland
    Runtime: 91:44

  1. The Artist and the Power of Thought
    Director: Elder Fraga
    Country: Brazil
    Runtime: 94:44
  1. A way to B
    Directors: Jos de Putter, Clara van Gool
    Country: Netherlands
    Runtime: 98:00
  1. The black pelicans
    Director: Luli Bitri
    Country: Albania
    Runtime: 18:51

  1. My Iceland on a pedal
    Director: Andrea Baglio
    Country: Italy
    Runtime: 25: 00
  1. Non Stop To The Top
    Director: Ruben Mariage
    Country: France
    Runtime: 52:00
  1. I am not
    Director: Tomer Heymann
    Country: Israel
    Runtime: 96:00

  1. The loud song of silence
    Director: Anastasia Sarycheva
    Country: Russian Federation
    Runtime: 44:00
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